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About Seven Compliance

Members of Seven Compliance LLP have held senior positions in FCA regulated firms as either CEO, COO, CRO or CCO.

Our experienced and professional staff bring distinct strengths and specialities to the company. We work together as a team to make sure that your firm is provided with the skill sets required to succeed.

Compliance Advice:

  • Art Market Regulation
  • Due Diligence & Source of Fund checks
  • Training modules
  • Regulatory reviews and audits
  • Policies and procedures
  • FCA Licence applications
  • Financial promotions and website checks
  • CASS AML SMCR GDPR and KYC onboarding
  • Operations and Risk management

Free Consultation:

Send us your contact details and we’ll schedule a 1-to-1 with one of our professionals.

+44 7544137820
13 Austin Friars, London, EC2N 2HE