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FCA Regulatory Update – May 2021

Operational resilience: preparing for the switch from analogue to digital phone lines

The current analogue phone network will be switched off across the UK at the end of 2025 as we transfer over to a digital phone network, delivered through Voice over IP (VoIP).

This is a major change to the UK’s telecoms networks and will affect anything that currently plugs into existing analogue telephone wall sockets. Firms should be making plans to ensure there is no disruption to the services they provide.

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Latest industry insights on cyber security published

The FCA have published their latest cyber security industry insights, which draws on the knowledge of industry collaboration groups over the past year.

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The FCA want to help firms become more resilient to operational disruptions and to reduce the risk and frequency of disruption.

The publication discusses cyber security trends from the last year, such as the additional strain remote working has placed on cyber security teams and systems, adding to the threat posed by ransomware, supply chain security and insider threats.


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