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Watches to Whisky to Trees

Alternative Investment Funds

The fund space is embracing new opportunities providing investors with exciting alternative investment funds (AIFs)*. Compliance, Tech and Operational support has never been more exciting.

Often low carbon or carbon neutral, always technologically advanced and highly innovative. We are delighted to be helping clients build alternative funds.

These funds invest early, helping talented entrepreneurs to receive sufficient funding to keep building. The fund in turn takes a wholesale stake in products that will increase in value. Funds in high value Watches, Maturing Whisky, Cognac’s and Champagne, Artworks as well as Green Energy alternatives and Forestry.

Our approach is to embrace the culture and spirit of each venture, helping management build with the support needed to let them concentrate on business, knowing they have the best systems, procedures, training and workable policies for a risk and error free operation.

There is so much great Technology available now reducing on-boarding, categorisation, communication, compliance and settlement risk. We work with clients to support them not just with compliance but also with operational advice creating lean, efficient, safe and cost- effective funds backed by the best available system solutions.


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Seven Compliance are FCA Compliance and Operations Specialists providing guidance on regulated activities in financials services. If you would like a free consultation send us your contact details and we’ll schedule a 1-to-1 with one of our professionals.

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*alternative investment funds (AIFs)

is a financial asset that does not fall into one of the conventional investment categories such as stocks, bonds, and cash. Alternative investments include private equity or venture capital, hedge funds, real estate managed futures, art and antiques, commodities, and derivatives contracts. Compliance rules vary for these types of funds.